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Eyelash Extensions Professional Course

Thank you for choosing me as your  Professional Instructor.

Andrea Giraldo
Certified Instructor
 Master Lash Artist & Licensed Esthetician

"My mission is to help every lash artist achieve their greatest possible level of success. This can’t be done without following strict guidelines and ethical business practices. To be truly successful in this industry one must be dedicated to the highest standards of sanitation, professionalism and continued education.”

Our Eyelash Extensions Professional trainning is designed for individuals with little or no prior training or for Lash Artists who took an eyelash extension class from somewhere else and did not get the training they needed to be succesful.

This course is a one on One  2/3 day class with  hands-on instruction from Master Lash Artist  ' Andrea'.  Sit side by side with the instructor and watch as eyelash extensions are applied.

In the beginners course, students will learn fundamental lashing techniques including natural lash isolation, proper application, safety and sanitation, mapping styling, retention issues, marketing tips and more.


At Lashes & Beyond Academy we have the knowledge, the tools and the required experience to prepare our students to be successful in this evolving  career in big demand.


Premium Kit (Included with the 2/3 day course)

Course Selection


Classic Technique Basic Course 

10 hrs for Beginners 

 Total cost $60   Deposit $150

Private Class $800

Classic Lashing is the foundation of any lash artist's career and is the art of applying one eyelash extension per one natural eyelash. In the beginners course, students will learn fundamental lashing techniques including natural lash isolation, proper application, safety and sanitation, mapping styling, retention issues, marketing tips and more.

  • Basic Kit   (20 clients)

  • Training Manual

  • Certificate of Completion

basic nivel

Classic / Hybrid Technique Course 2 days

Beginners & Professionals


$800 Total  cost    Deposit $200

Private Class $1000

  • Standart Kit 

  • Training Manual

  • Certificate of Completion


In this course, the student will learn how to apply volume pre made fans along with individual eyelash extensions mastering the advance techniques such as;

speeding, capping, tapping and new lash styles.

*** Recommended for Beginners with good manual skills and dexterity.


Clasics-Hybrids-Volume  Master Class  3 days

For Professionals


$1200 Total    Deposit $300

Private Class $1400

  • Premium Kit 

  • Training Manual

  • Certificate 


This Class is designed for Lash Artists who took an eyelash extension class from somewhere else and did not get the training they needed to be succesful.

In this course, the student will refresh the fundamental concepts of the Classic technique in addition to  the advance techniques such as;  speeding, capping, tapping and lash styles.  The student will master the volume fan making technique and will learn how to apply the fans to achieve beautiful Hybrid or Volume sets.


 Russian Volume Course       2 days  for professionals


$950 Total     Deposit $200

This course is designed for individuals who have been working as Lash artists using the Classic technique with their clients and they are now ready to learn  the art of making volume fans using the proper tweezers and technique.

In addition, the student will learn how to master the latest advance techniques in the lash industry such as;  speeding, capping, texturing, tapping and the designing of new trendy lash styles.

NOTE: In order to take this course, the student must be certified in the Classic technique.

  • Premium Kit (30 clients $300 value)

  • Training Manual

  • Certificate


***To reserve your seat a deposit  is required 2 weeks prior to the class day.  The days for the classes are  usually on Saturday Monday and Tuesdays.  Other days of the week can be arranged for the classes according to the Instructor's and the student's availability. 

*** Classes are given on MONDAY TUESDAY and SATURDAY.

        Other days requested will be charged as a private class price.

Note:  Is the responsibility of the student to bring their own model on the second day of the training.

Once you register for the class, an Invoice for deposit payment will be sent separately to your e-mail address or you can make it via cash app, Zelle or in person.

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Course Curriculum



9:00am to 12:00PM


           manual overview, FAQS, and  misconceptions

  1. Kit and product knowledge

  2. Natural Lash Growth

  3. Lash types and Adhesives

  4. Reactions, Infections and Allergies

  5. Safety and Sanitation

  6. Lash strip practice exercise(picking, dipping and isolating with tweezers)

  7. Lash Styles and Mapping


                              (Lunch 12 to 1pm)


1pm to 4pm

   8. Room and work station set up

   9. The Consultation

   10.Mannequin Practice:

  • Pre-application steps

  • Mapping and framing

  • Lashes application process

  • Touch-up process exercise

  • Removal process exercise

     11. After care instructions


DAY TWO  9:30am to 1:30pm


  1. Review and grade practical exam and maniquin homework

  2. Room and work station set-up

  3. Welcome your model and have her signing the consent form

  4. Consultation with your model

  5. Take before photo of your model’s eyes

  6. Lash application process following the steps learned on day one

  7. Take After photo

  8. Show your model photos and advise her on the after care instructions

  9. Discuss with your instructor any question and receive your Certificate!!

    Andrea encourages all her students lash artists to maintain strict    standards for themselves and their services. “Never leave any room for doubt. Consistency, integrity, and safe practice - every single day - no  exceptions.”

 Congratulations on your new career choice!


Thanks for choosing me to be your Professional Beauty Instructor.

Andrea Giraldo

Certified Instructor

Master Lash Artist  & Licensed Esthetician



"It is the responsability of the student to ensure they abide by local legislature regarding the application of eyelash extensions"

What type of license or certification do I need to become a professional lash artist?

Every state has its own unique regulations. In the state of Florida, you are not required to have a special eyelash extensions license however you are required by the department of professional regulations to have one of the following state licenses: Facialist Specialist, Cosmetologist or Full Specialist. More info on the full requirements for the state of Florida could be found here: After receiving your Lash Certificate of Completion you will be required to obtain a state regulated esthetician, cosmetology or full specialist license before you can work professionally. The Course Certificate of Completion without one of the above stated licensed does not permit performing eyelash extensions professionally.

How Do I Find Information About My Local Regulations?

Start by visiting your federal governments website. Search for topics such as personal services regulations, control practices for personal services, infection prevention for personal services, legislature for personal service businesses, etc. If your country is divided into provinces, states or counties, search your local state website for regulations as well. Some good search keywords include "personal services", "esthetics", "legislature", "health services", "regulations" and other similar terms.

​Although many governments may not have a list of regulations specific to eyelash extensions, our services fall under the same category as other esthetic services such as waxing, facials, lash tinting, and more. Review the requirements for those services and accommodate those regulations in your business.

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